Electroless Nickel

Creation of an extremely resilient coating

Electroless nickel-plating, a technical coating composed of nickel (Ni) and phosphorus (P), is one of the most important functional coatings when it comes to corrosion - and wear protection.

This electroless coating produces even and precise layer thicknesses with high hardness and wear resistance as their outstanding properties. While other methods can only be used within limitations for components with complicated shapes chemical nickel- is ideal plating for their coating.

Aluminium alloys as well as ceramics and glass can be coated as well as steels and copper alloys with specific pre-treatment methods.

Coating Properties
        • Homogenous layer thickness (5 to 50 µm)
        • Capable of soldering
        • Matte to shiny surface looks (depending on the output interface
        • Corrosion-resistant
        • Alkali-resistant
        • Hardness 550 HV 0.1 in the secluded state, 1000 HV 0.1 after heat treatment
            Process Properties
              • Suitable for aluminium, copper, steel, ceramics, glass
              • Suitable for complex components; inner coating possible as well
              • Covers with plastic screws and plugs are possible
                  • Corrosion and wear protection
                  • Annealing protection for copper alloys
                  • Repair coating
                    Functional principle of Electroless Nickel

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