Plasma Chemical Oxidation - PCO®

Creation of ceramic-like coatings

The PCO ® technology, also known as SURA coat black and SURA coat white coating is a specially designed developed anodic oxidation process. It is based on the plasma-chemical principles and uses spark-discharge effects. These produce ceramic-like coatings on anodically contacted substrate materials of aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys at high bath voltages in aqueous electrolyte systems.

These layers consist mostly of the oxide and hydroxide compounds of the substrate material and oxide compounds of the electrolyte components.

Coating Properties
        • Satin-look surface structure
        • Functional black surfaces of aluminium, magnesium and titanium can be produced
        • Long-term stability of the optical properties of the layer
        • Perfectly true to size (coating thickness tolerances +/-3 µm)
        • High adhesion strengths up to 30 MPa
        • Electrically insulating
        • Continuous temperature resistance up to 450 ° C
        • UV resistant
        • Wipe-resistant
        • Machining possible
        • Not resistant to ultrasonic cleaning
            Process Properties
            • Suitable for titanium, aluminium and magnesium alloys as well as special alloys such as DISPAL and AlBeMet
              • Corrosion protective coating for components made of magnesium alloys
              • Low-reflection coating for metallic components for optical device engineering and laser technology
              • Special Special coatings for applications in space technology
              • Special alloys such as DISPAL and AlBeMet
                Functional principle of PCO®

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