Adhesion Promotion

Protection of a pre-treatment layer

An adhesion-promoting application is recommended for many applications after surface pre-treatment, e.g. silicate coating.

Adhesion-promoting substances, also called primers, are very useful for this. These adhesion-promoters are bridging agents that improve checmical bonding between the material surface on the one side and between, e.g., glue, varnish or binder on the other side. Thus, long-term stable, water- and solvent-resistant bonding, coatings and prints can be guaranteed.

They are also used to "preserve" the outstanding properties of the PYROSIL® layers until further processing (bonding or printing).

Coating Properties
        • Very high wettability
        • High surface energy
        • Functionalised surface for better chemical bonding
              Process Properties
                • Easy and fast (no extended drying times needed)
                • Cost-efficient
                • Suitable for: glass, metal, ceramics, plastics
                        • Adhesion-promotion layer for varnishing and gluing
                        • Corrosion-protection layers
                        • Sealing layers
                        • Barrier coatings
                            Adhesion Promotion - preservation of the pre-treated surface and improves adhesion

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