STS 10.2 - PYROSIL® dosing unit

The STS 10.2 is a PYROSIL® dosing unit for integration in burner systems. It is designed for automated systems and industrial applications for coating of large surfaces of various materials.

Burning of a silicon-organic compound (PYROSIL® precursor) produces a thin, firmly adhering silicate layer of high density and with a high surface energy on the surface of the part of be joined based on flame pyrolysis. The STS 10.2 is designed as a PYROSIL® dosage unit exclusively, which means without burner control.

The system is particularly suitable for large-area processing of various materials, such as polymers, metals, glass, ceramics.

PYROSIL®I dosage is adjustable and uncomplicated. It can be flexibly adjusted to the width and number of the burners used and the connected burner air flows.


Application area

Set components

1 x PYROSIL® dosing unit


Dimension: 870 mm x 650 mm x 350 mm
Weight: 55 kg
Consumables: PYROSIL® CH-Liquid