We will coat your product

Contracted coating pays off specifically when you need to coat smaller numbers for which the purchase of a dedicated system would not be profitable. We can have a complete infrastructure at our disposal, which permits implementing your orders flexibly very quickly and much more cost-efficiently.


Advantages of contracted coating:

    • You can profit from our know-how
    • No investment costs (premises, staff, etc.)
    • Maximum time savings
    • Complete coating process from a single source
    • Comprehensive test coating possible


    Coating service

    PYROSIL® process


    with different precursor

    Plasma Chemical OxidationPCO®
    SURA coat black & SURA coat white

    Electroless Nickel

    Atmospheric Pressure Plasma


    Do you need a coating for your product?

    We will gladly offer personal consulting by phone, email or during a visit at your or our company. Just contact us about it.


    Contact person
    Jürgen Schmidt
    Phone: +49(0)3641 2825-60
    Mail: coating(at)sura-instruments.de