About Test Ink

Use of test inks or sample inks is a simple and quick method to measure/determine the surface tension of many different materials such as plastic, metal, glass, recycling - or composites.
A high surface energy/surface tension is the prerequisite for good wettability of the material to be treated and ensures best adhesion of, e.g., printing inks, varnishes, glues on the material surface.
The surface tension of the material to be coated must be larger than that of the liquid (varnish, ink, paint) for this.


SURATest TT40 is an universal test ink with a defined surface tension of 40 mN/m.

Material suitability: glass, ceramic and non-pretreated metal



Product properties: liquid, blue, easy to use
Surface energy: 40 mN/m
Processing temperature: room temperature
Packaging option: 10 ml