PYROSIL® Process

Creating a nanoscale-roughness

The PYROSIL® Process is based on the flame-pyrolytic deposition of amorphous silicon dioxide on a substrate material, and thus a type of silicate coating. The surface to be treated will be fed through a gas flame which is doped with a silicon-containing precursor material (PYROSIL®). The PYROSIL®, also referred to as the precursor, burns in the flame and deposits on the surface in a very thin but dense and firmly adhering silicon oxide coating (5 – 100 nm). Due to the short flame-substrate interaction the material's surface temperature remains moderate. Thus, the PYROSIL® Process is suitable not only for glass, ceramics or metals but also outstanding for plastics.

Structured, strongly enlarged surfaces with improved chemical bonding opportunities can be treated effectively and cost-efficiently with the PYROSIL® Process.

Coating Properties
Process Properties

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