GVE - Manual flame treatment device

The GVE is for PYROSIL® coating of medium and large areas.

A firmly adhering silicate layer with high density but just a few nanometers thickness on metal, glass and polymers is produced by burning a gas mixture (propane and butane) and silicon-organic compounds. This coating forms the basis for strongly adhesive prints, varnishes and bonding.

It can be used as a hand-held unit for large-area use, or the burner head can be installed in automated systems, since the use of 2 PYROSIL® cartridges permits continuous work.


Application area

Set components

1 x GVE device
1 x Burner with medium pressure hose
2 x PYROSIL® refill (cartridge)


Dimension: 460 mm x 340 mm x 220 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Consumables: PYROSIL® refill (cartridge 330 g)